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The True Healthy Air Prescription Process


Step 1: Consultation

To provide you with an air conditioning system prescription that fits your home’s unique symptoms, one of our technicians will come out to your home and test the indoor air quality and evaluate your current system. We analyze these three components of your indoor air and then put together a system configuration that is within your budget: particle count, relative humidity and temperature.


Step 2: Installation

Once we decide on a prescription of services, our team of accredited professionals will install your system. We get the job efficiency – both on time and on budget – so you won’t be stuck without air conditioning for longer than needed. Plus, we include a ten-year limited warranty with every installed system, so you know who to call if something happens with your system.


Step 3: Maintenance

To provide you with peace-of-mind, we offer maintenance packages that ensure your system stays as healthy and efficient as possible. Part of the maintenance package includes having one of our technicians come out to your home and change your air conditioning filter every six months. We schedule this internally, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Are you noticing these common poor air quality symptoms at home?

  • Indoor air pollution & respiratory health problems
  • Allergies to dust, mold and pets
  • Uncontrolled indoor relative humidity
  • High energy bills & system inefficiency

With a certified True Healthy Air air conditioner, you’ll notice these benefits instead:

  • Clean, contaminant-free indoor air quality
  • Elimination of airborne dust, mold and pet dander
  • Consistent dehumidifying for comfort and health
  • High-efficiency cooling and heating

The Revolutionary Features of True Healthy Air Equipment

Variable Speed Air Handler

Reduced noise, saves on energy, and improves indoor air quality and comfort.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

Fresh air without the outdoor pollutants at a fraction of the cost.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

Energy-efficient, high-SEER rating system for lower utility bills.

4” Media Air Filters

High-MERV, thick air filters that trap 0.3 micron particles

Two-Stage Air Compressor

High and low fan speeds to increase efficiency and comfort.

Community Association Institute
Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer
Energy Star Certified